What We Do

Web Development

We leverage the latest in web development technologies to build you a modern web presence. Our technology of choice for web development is Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and Node.js.

Mobile Development

We offer website adaptation for mobile devices, creating single APIs for web applications, native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Staff Augmentation

We provide highly skilled Architects, Tech Leads and Engineers that can work seamlessly with your product managers and in-house engineering team for focused engagements.

UX/UI Design

Visually communicating key points of your organization is critical to an effective web presence. We use JavaScript frameworks Backbone/Angular.js to deliver modern, rich UI experience.


We create great apps.

We've done it for leading companies, and we can do it for you. We've developed products for multi-billion dollar companies and for early-stage startups.

AgileSoftLabs is an established IT Service provider with young talent pool of engineers and passionate individuals with office in Pondicherry, India. We have the expertise, skills and professionalism in developing web applications, mobile applications, and softwares ranging from small to complex size.

Our services include Mobile Applications Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design and Staff Augmentation.

Web Development 95%
Mobile Development95%
Staff Augmentation 90%
UX/UI Design 80%

Core Technologies

Our technology stack will include

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra

Utilise the extremely productive framework Ruby on Rails/Sinatra to build scalable/maintainable web applications and APIs.

RSpec, Cucumber & Selenim

Trusted testing frameworks for all Ruby applications which caters to all testing needs.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & Jquery

Make your website and apps more responsive and interactive to the users with the ‘write-less, do-more’ mantra.

React Native

Rapid and cost-effective native mobile apps development that works out-of-the-box in no time.

React JS, Electron, Angular & Backbone.js

Gives a structure and sophistication to customization of your product making it efficient for real-time applications.

MySQL, mongoDB, PostgreSQL & SQLite

Build a creative, organized and the most advanced next-gen databases that will give you a competitive advantage.

We Are The Team Behind


WoodsDeck is a social platform for movie lovers. The website and its app offers personalized feed of exclusive photos, videos and updates on the favourite celebrities that the users follow. We have even enabled it with analytics platform to help the movie marketers.

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Roombird is a metasearch engine used to book lodging by making an offer to hotels and vacation rentals. It is a platform that bring travellers and lodging businesses together to provide best lodging experiences in United States and India.

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